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  • PLC Progression - Level 1 (Lifetime Access)

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    Automated control systems are used in many industries throughout the world. These systems may be as simple as a home security or entertainment system, a food production line, a vehicle assembly plant, or a gas refinery.

    If you are interested in obtaining a career in the Controls Engineering a...

  • PLC Progression - Level 2 (Lifetime Access)

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    We have heard from many satisfied customers regarding our easy learning approach and are pleased to present to you the next series of training courses to assist you in your journey to learn PLC Programming.

    If you are just looking to advance your skills in PLC Programming or get a job in the A...

  • PLC Progression - Level 3 (Lifetime Access)

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    Our customers are raving about our easy to learn PLC Programming training series. If you are just looking to get a job in the Automation and Controls Engineering field or just get ahead in your skills, you’ve come to the right place.

    We have many years of combined control system design and pro...

  • PLC Progression - Level 4 (Lifetime Access)

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    We’ve done it again. We have produced our fourth set of tutorials in our PLC Programming training series. As always, we are using our tried and true method of an easy learning approach to bring you yet another great collection of informational training videos to increase your programming skills....

  • PLC Progression - Level 5 (Lifetime Access)

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    We’d like to introduce our fifth set of tutorials in our PLC Programming training series. Our easy learning approach is employed once again to assist you in your pursuit of becoming a PLC controls engineer.

    We use a logical learning approach which we have perfected by pooling our vast knowledg...

  • PLC Progression - Level 6 (Lifetime Access)

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    Are you looking for a way to sharpen those PLC Programming skills? Well, look no further as we got you covered. This is our sixth set of tutorials in our PLC Programming training series.

    If you have used our five previous courses, you know that we are offering you a foundation of skills that ...

  • PLC Progression - Level 7 (Lifetime Access)

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    PLC Progression - Level 7

  • PLC Progression - Level 8 (Lifetime Access)

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    PLC Progression - Level 8 (Lifetime Access)

  • How to Update STEP7 Hardware Catalog

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    In this course, we are going to begin to discuss how to update the hardware catalog in your STEP7 software.

    As you may know, the hardware catalog is the section in your program where you select specific modules with matching catalog numbers that will be used within your control system.

  • ProfiNet Quick Start

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    ProfiNet or, Process Field Net is a robust communications protocol for Industrial Control Systems.

    It is an Industrial Ethernet-based form of communication that is used extensively by Siemens PLCs.

    ProfiNet may be used to connect a variety of devices, including PLCs, HMIs, servo controllers...

  • How to Configure Profibus-DP Network

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    In this new course what you’re going to learn is to how to configure a Profibus-DP network in both STEP7 version 5.X and TIA Portal.

    When you’re going to create a Profibus DP network, there is a hardware setup and also a software setup.

    Hardware setup is taking a Profibus cable which is a u...

  • PLC Programming Certificate of Completion

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    Once you're a member, it's easy to share your success with coworkers, friends, and potential employers as you earn Certificates of Completion for each course you view in the RealPars library. Whether you're up for a promotion, seeking employment, or just wanting to show off to your friends, you c...